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Book Distribution Services

Expand Your Reach with eBooks2go’s Book Distribution

eBooks2go partners with some of the largest and most prominent retailers, allowing you to sell and distribute your books in more than 200 countries. Our eBook distribution service is available to any author. All you need to get started are your ePUB file, your book's metadata, and an account. Within five business days, your manuscript is dispersed across the globe through your desired distribution channels.

Profit from Your Passion

Stay on top of consumer trends with eBooks2go’s sales tracking application, which is included in all of our book distribution services. Our robust tracking tool simplifies your sales numbers into enlightening graphs allowing you to measure your book's success by retailer, region, and time. By analyzing your sales numbers, you will be able to identify your top markets and plan the distribution and pricing strategy of your next book launch.

The amount of royalties you receive from each sale varies from retailer to retailer. The price of your book, and in some cases the location of the purchase, determine how much you earn on a particular sale from each book retailer. Additionally, eBooks2go receives a 10% commission for accounting, file uploads, and metadata management. For instance, if you sold an eBook on Apple for $10, you would receive $6.00 in royalties. Yet, if that same eBook sold on Google Play for the same price, you would receive a different royalty amount.

You can download a breakdown of how eBook royalty payments are divided amongst our major retail partners here.

Also included in our book distribution is our own online bookstore. On, readers can leave reviews, recommend titles to friends, and enjoy your eBook on their smartphones as well (if they download the app). eBooks2go promotes your book by announcing its release through our email and social media channels, creating temporary discounts, and cross-promoting titles through our Related Products feature. Authors who purchase a self-publishing package are eligible for a Featured Author Promotion, which includes a banner on the eBooks2go store home page.

You can upload your eBook(s) to our bookstore here.

Five Reasons to Distribute Your Books through eBooks2go

No upfront costs

Global sales opportunities

Swift conversion and distribution

Access to top-tier markets such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram®, Kobo™, hoopla, Mackin, Ebsco, bibliotheca, and OverDrive

Ability to change keywords and edit metadata for every retailer in one location

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