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Book Marketing and Promotion Services

Get Seen and Be Heard - Vital for Your Book Sales

Getting exposure may be easier in today’s social media world, but it's still tough to create the right kind of exposure that builds your author brand.

Book Marketing and Publicity

There are nearly 1 million books published every year in America alone, so what can you do differently than other authors to make yours stand out?

Quite frankly, there is no simple answer to that question. As with every author, your goal is obviously to increase the visibility of your book and get it in the hands of readers. But, accomplishing this goal is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, hard work and clearly laid out plans. The tasks of marketing your book are much harder than writing the book itself.

Why Book Marketing is Important

Many self-published authors overlook the importance of book promotion and author publicity. They want the book to do the magic for this. But, it doesn’t always work that way. Books can generate more sales if the reader can associate the book with the author. Like with any business that has a brand, authors must create a brand for themselves. If readers can positively associate you with your book, industry and/or genre, there’s a better chance they will pick it up instead of a counterpart.

eBooks2go offers several book marketing services for self-publishing authors. Based on your individual needs, you can purchase our services à la carte, or through specially designed packages. Whether you need to grow your fan base or increase book sales, we have the knowledge and strategy to help advance your author career.

How eBooks2go Can Help Achieve Your Goals

Our book marketing specialists first meet with you to discuss both your past promotions and the main objectives for your next campaign. After receiving direction, they swing into action and devise a strategy based on proven tactics and current trends to get your book mass exposure with the right readers. This involves identifying the best medium and social networks to promote your book, analyzing audience insights to determine the best age group, location, interests, and stores to target, and running split tests to see what kind of phrases and pictures produce the best results for your campaign.

Some of the benefits involved with our campaigns include

Heightened Awareness

Fan Page Growth

Increased Web Traffic

Surges in Book Sales

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Unsure About Marketing?

Everyone's book marketing needs are unique, and what might work for one author may not be a fit for another. eBooks2go is committed to helping you make the best decisions possible. If you need assistance navigating through your marketing options, contact John Bean, our Marketing Manager. He can be reached via email, at, or via phone at 1-(847)-598-1150, extension 4137. He looks forward to a successful collaboration with you!